Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feel insane.

Hormones are doing my fucking head in.

I just had a MASSIVE tantrum because I couldn't peel my boiled eggs and when I did they weren't cooked through. So I threw them (a handful of egg) into the sink but half went on the window/windowsill/sink. shell everywhere. On the floor... So, I sat on the floor and cried. Finn was patiently eating his lunch and watching nonchalantly. He eventually said "I'll look after you mum" - bless him.

So then I tried to poach an egg but it didn't work, again, so I threw it all in the garden (which Angus the lab loved!), threw the saucepan in the sink and had ham instead :(

It SOUNDS funny, but it really is an awful feeling almost out of control.

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