Sunday, October 21, 2007

The worry

Freaking out again. Waiting for this period that won't start. Spotting and thats it. Come on!!! Sigh. Am worried that I will still be bleeding at the scan Thursday. Way to be even less dignified and more embarrassed :(

And then I was stupidly reading stuff on the net about starting doses of puregon and bad results from low stim doses and I know my Dr plans to start me very low in case the PCOS sends me into hyperstim (medically v dangerous). But I responded slow in the IUIs and now am freaking out. Sigh. Its so scary. The chance of this actually working is so bloody low. I'm depressed. :(


Bec said...

Just wanted to send a hug your way. I know that this is your time, I'm sending all my positive thoughts your way xxx

FiestyKel said...

Thanks Bec. I ended up sending an email to my FS telling her my history and asking if it was something we could discuss at the scan.

All I can do is make sure she knows and takes it into consideration.