Monday, October 1, 2007


Still 9 more sleeps til anything at all happens with this process. Bored. Sick of waiting. Just plodding along... I decided though, that the reason I was all flat and depressed etc is because I dont think the first cycle will work, so am expecting a big, intrusive, yuck process, for no outcome, at least initially. I think long term positive, but not first cycle positive - i.e. realistically. But I just want to get going to get the dud cycles over you know?

Rang the clinic to check I really am meant to just sit tight, and yes, thats right. I did say when I come next week can I move on to the next thing that day or soon after and they said that should be ok. Bloody hope so. Intend to pay and take all the meds with me to save a trip also, which nurse said was a good idea.

Bored with waiting. Its my wedding anniversary next weekend, and my 30th birthday in about 6 weeks and we'll not be able to do anything for either. All our spare cash is going into this IVF caper. Little bit sad, but we'll just do it late.

A week from today is my woulda shoulda coulda day. Had things been different, next Monday I'd have been flying out to my heartland. Also a someday thing now. I sound resentful, but I am not. It was the right decision!

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