Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is not very much fun

So I made it, just did my #5 injection and that is it now til the scan tomorrow to see what is developing. I am feeling it I have to say. This is the most I have ever had and it could get worse yet.

I feel really irritable and short tempered, teary and tired. My ovaries are a little tender, not sore, just... I am aware of them! I am confident something is going on, I just don't know how much or to what extent. I was reading back over my IUI journals to see my response to injections then, and I felt a little more sore than I am now when I had 5 or so follicles maturing. So, I still expect to have some days ahead of injecting yet.

Find out tomorrow morning I guess. Am shit scared, to be honest. This is a scary part, the balance of dose is tricky. I don't want over and to be cancelled and in pain etc. with OHSS*; nor do I want to go under and be injecting forever and still risk cancellation with too few follicles. I am utterly terrified. Trying not to think too much about it at the moment. Need to distract myself today so it passes quickly.

*OHSS is Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, and can be really scary and serious requiring hospitalisation and close monitoring. You cna try and keep it at bay by drinking lots of water/gatorade which I am doing, but if its bad enough, it will happen anyway. More info can be found by clicking here.


dusty said...

hi kell, what a great idea to have a blog for your cycle! i just wanted to send you loads of hugs and best wishes for your cycle. it is GREAT that you are aware of your ovaries. they are waking up and growing to be nice plump eventually ripe for the picking. just like you want them to be.
don't fret too much about OHSS. your dr and clinic will be monitoring your levels and as long as you keep up your water intake you should be fine. it is good to be aware but let the clinic do the worrying for you if you can. i hope you are enjoying being on BB. i find it a stark relief from IRL (in real life). xx dusty

dusty said...

ps good luck with your scan tomorrow. i hope they allow you to see your follies on the screen.

Bec said...

Hoping your scan goes well tomorrow hon xxx

FiestyKel said...

Thanks Dusty. BB is good, lots of support and wisdom there! Am inhaling water madly, not sure it will shrink whats already grown now tho!

Thanks Bec xx