Friday, February 22, 2008

Are we there yet?

6dpo today, and since my LP is only ever 11 days even with support, I should be back into it this time next week. Unless of course, a true miracle occurs and our natural attempt worked. If that happens, I want to write to the Pope and get it endorsed as a real miracle. I really don't want another period. I HATE having my period and since I normally have 3 month cycles, this regularity (albeit drug induced) is a bit too much!

So I am due for spotting wed 27/thurs 28th. The marking of time in AC freaks me out. At no other time in life do I feel like a week is in each day as I do with AC whether its waiting for a period or a scan, or a retrieval, or transfer or of course the 2ww. Its always soooo sloooooow.

Must get into my writing project so that I can slack off when things get busy with the next cycle without fall out. Sounds so wise and smart, yet I never quite seem to be that organised in truth.


soul-quest said...

Love the bit about the pope endorsing your miracle! laughed my head off, just what I needed.

Thanks for your encouragment on my Blog.


FiestyKel said...

I am so glad you laughed, after I wrote it I thought "way to offend a whole lot of people, Kell!" It is my odd sense of humor, I think, I am glad some people get it ;)

jp said...

Thanks for stopping by.
I am still praying for that same kind of "pope endorsed miracle"-
I actually posted on one of those prayer message boards-
"Please pray that Quest lab messed up and that my beta did double"