Saturday, February 2, 2008

Random thoughts

It occurs to me that maybe it was the water I drank so much of last cycle that helped me respond so much better to the meds than before. or perhaps that I was walking daily before and during stims. Whatever the case, it makes me think I possibly ought to repeat as much of those things this time as I can recall to make sure I don't UNDER-respond on the lower dose... right? Who knows.

Started first sniff today, that familiar acrid taste of synarel. Oh how I missed thee.. pfft. I am clearly out of practice though, because I was stressing that my nostrils are not really big enough to accommodate the thing, and wondering why it didn't feel like anything... then saw the cap was still on. Rookie mistake!!!!! And I am hardly a rookie these days! d'oh!


Corina said...

I don't know if you have looked into research on Syneral with PCOS, but it is not recommended to take it because it could make cysts much worse. If you do a search on it, I'm sure you will find info. I did.

Good luck with your quest!!

FiestyKel said...

Thanks for that, have used for 3 precious cycles (2 x IUI 1 x IVF) with no problems, so hopefully that remains the case!