Friday, February 29, 2008

A letter to my body

After reading Melissa's post here about writing a letter to your body, I thought I would give it a go.

Dear Body,

Righteo. Let's have it out. A lot goes on between us that is usually left unsaid, but I think its time we took our heads from the sand and talked it out. For some reason, you are.. well.. slightly defective, let's be honest. But, to be fair, you do okay for the most part. I have no killer diseases, I get sick not too often and to me, thats the main thing. You have the main things covered - and for that I am so deeply grateful.

Its really just that one part of you that is an issue. My friends, the ovaries. Now possibly you skived off when they did the lecture on how you ought to function. Maybe you had your I-pod on, I don't know, but whatever it was, you were not listening, were you? Please listen now!

This poly-cystic thing is no good. For either of us. It may have had a function once - I think I would have done brilliantly in times of famine. Let me be clear when I say to you: There is no famine. Nor is there likely to be in my lifetime. Thank you, for thinking of it, but, we need to readdress that game-plan and quickly.

The self hatred this PCOS has created within me is scary in its depth. The infertility is a painful, horrible thing that causes me to abuse you verbally and physically. It destroys me, and if I am destroyed so too, will you be.

You know what, though? I know we can overcome it. I am certain of it. I just need you guys to co-operate and if you enable me to conceive just one more time, I swear I will leave you alone for good. I'll get back onto metformin and we'll both be much happier. If you just do the job well enough, and have a word to the uterus and hormone levels as well, just to be safe - if you pull that off just once -thats it! Forever! No more being jabbed and stimulated to grow too big and prodded and sworn at. Never again! Doesn't that sound good??? Please, do this one thing for me, the rest of the body is doing its part so well, please join in and pull your weight just one time. I will be eternally grateful to you. Promise.

Your owner. xx

You can do your own, and submit it on this page.


jp said...

Thanks for your sympathy and for thinking of me.
I agree with what you wrote in your letter to your body, I wish my body would just do this one thing for me.

Shelli said...

Thank you so much for following my own story (or should I say drama, as of late).

It hurts so much to be in the space we are in. I would ask my body for the same thing.

Christy said...

Good luck with this upcoming cycle!
I really hope your body decides to co-operate!! I am sorry that you have had to go through all of this!

La La said...

Cracking up...Oh - why won't our bodies just COOPERATE already!? I hope you get that BFP!!

La La said...

Cracking up...Oh - why won't our bodies just COOPERATE already!? I hope you get that BFP!!

Anon said...

It's lovely to see your sense of humour still shines through even in these most torturous times. thinking of you!