Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nothing ever is easy

Not a great scan. Left side have gone backwards in growth, and right I had 2 x 14mm, 1 x 13mm and some smallish nothingy ones. Upped dose from 150 to 200iu for 3 more days, rescan Friday. Need more to happen or EPU won't go ahead. Can;t think about it til Friday, too many what ifs. Feeling pretty flat and dejected. FS said I have "hardcore PCOS" in that my ovaries are totally unpredictable in whether they will over under or respond the same each time. Woot for me. I hate my ovaries. I feel so guilty, angry and depressed. Oh well. Worry about it Friday I suppose.


dusty said...

kell, it really does suck when things dont go as you would like them too. the more they do the more they learn unfortunately you are the guinea pig in all this. i hope this increase in stims will get things moving more. thinking of you

FiestyKel said...

I hope so, it gets rather frustrating and its not like any further cycles will be improved because I respond so differently all the time, my poor FS can't keep up!! Bah!

Bec said...

I have everything crossed for you that your scan will go well on Friday xxx