Friday, March 7, 2008

Second scan

Right side NO growth. Left side NO growth, but 4 more. 10 each side, nothing beyond 10.5mm or so.

Up dose. Back mon. I'm thinking this cycles a bust already. If we are struggling already at this stage, we're fucked. To get to EPU is so hard, then we get shit # of eggs and shit quality. Whats the fucking point? Its costing us a fortune, taking forever, and I dont know if its bad management, bad luck or wtf is going on.

Its not fair. We are good parents, its not fair that crack whores and smug fucks get utd and have everything go as they want. Its fucked up and I am so over it.

Also, I have to go all the way in to the city Sunday as well for a precautionary blood test to make sure i dont need to start the antag sooner. They say they cant pump the dose too much or Ill grow more but none will grow further or they will be shite or something.


Bec said...

Awwww hon :( Life is just fucking shit sometime. Im praying for you that your ovaries get themselves into order for you.

Shel said...

I hear you on the it's not fair thing. You're right, it's not fair, and it does suck.

On an unrealted note, have you tried Femara?

La La said...

I'm so sorry hun. My follies didn't grow much between my first and second scan either...but they JUMPED in size from my second to my third. Some people's eggs just grow more slowly (mine do)...don't give up yet.

FiestyKel said...

Thank you for the hope, la la. It helps a lot.

Shel, I have not tried Femara, know nothing about it!

xxx Bec xxx